Editrice Mogliazze

A small independent publishing house based in Piacenza (Emilia Romagna), publishing books about alternative medicine, nutrition and recipes according to Dr. Mozzi’s blood type diet.

The editorial adventure of the Mogliazze Cooperative begins in 2011 with the publication of the book "Le ricette del dottor Mozzi – Mangiare con gusto, senza glutine e secondo i gruppi sanguigni” (Dr. Mozzi’s recipes - Eating with taste, without gluten and according to blood groups") to meet the growing demands of new recipes suitable for those who follow the blood type diet, gluten-free diet and with the correct food combinations.

In March 2012 we published the editorial success “La dieta del dottor Mozzi – gruppi sanguigni e combinazioni alimentari "Dr. Mozzi's diet – Blood types and food combination", our fundamental manual, which contains the guidelines of eating according to blood groups.

In 2014 we published the second recipe book “Le ricette del dottor Mozzi 2 – il pane senza glurine e...” ("Dr. Mozzi’s recipes vol.2 - gluten-free bread and more…" which focuses on baking using gluten-free flours.

In 2015 he published "L’agenda del dottor Mozzi 2015" which contains food advice, indications on herbal extracts and recipes that can be used in every season.

In 2017 we finally published the English version of our flagship product “Dr. Mozzi’s diet – Blood types and food combinations” with the aim of spreading the word.

In the same year we also published the e-book versions (Kindle) of our books in Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.